India Deaf Expo 2017

An International Conference Innovation Technologies, Sign language, Film Festival & Culture Awareness and Education for the Deafness.


Sessions (Presentations & Workshops)

Welcome Speakers who are interested in sharing your valuable knowledge with the audience of India Deaf Expo 2017.

Abstract Submission

If you are interested in giving presentations, please submit your 500 words abstract page for selection. Anyone from students to professionals, deaf or hearing, are welcome to submit an abstract. We will provide interpreters for the hearing speakers.

Kindly note the policy below:

  1. The deadline for submission of Abstract papers is October 31st, 2017.
  2. The Abstract page should be limited to 500 words and must be related to the topic. It should be in MS Word format.
  3. Please enclose your passport-size photograph in the same MS Word document along with your full name, designation, address and contact details. Please give a brief introduction about yourself in less than 200 words.
  4. Your presentation should be limited to 20 minutes + 5 minutes reserved for Questions and Answers.
  5. If your abstract paper does not follow the above rules, it will be rejected.

How to submit your abstract?

  1. You can fill in the form below, attach the MS Word of Abstract (with your passport photo) and click "Submit".
  2. OR
  3. You can directly e-mail to Ms. Abigail Beilfuss at

Selection of Abstracts:

  • The members of Organizing Committee will go through your abstract papers and notify you of the acceptance by November 15th, 2017.
  • Once if you are accepted, please undergo the registration process for India Deaf Expo 2017.
  • Please also reserve your travel tickets and accomodations as well.
  • After that, you are requested to submit the full papers along with your Powerpoint presentation by e-mail to Ms. Abigail Beilfuss at
  • The selected abstract papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Persons who have submitted very good abstract papers that are valuable for the deaf community will be selected as Keynote Speaker.
  • Keynote Speakers are entitled to free admission + meals during the conference. The responsibility of accomodations and travel is your.
  • The responsibility for selection process of Keynote speakers lies with the Managing Committee of India Deaf Expo 2017.

Session Topics

At International Deaf Conference 2017, there will be range of Presentations covering the following topics:

Abstracts along with your profiles are welcome for this unique topic to showcase successful deaf people of India. The deaf community has many role models who have been successful in their chosen fields, be it acting, teaching, or in business. Whatever the success is, big or small, we would like to hear your story. We will arrange one-to-one interview in front of audiences where you can walk us through your experiences and share your success stories with us, stories that would inspire the deaf people to do more and achieve their own dreams!
One of the major issues that deaf people face in India is accessibility. Over the years there have been numerous advances in technologies, such as text messages, video-conference, alert devices and sign recognition systems, that have helped deaf people overcome these difficulties to some extent. Papers are invited to showcase some of these latest technologies that aim to ensure independence in the lives of the deaf people.
“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela
For years, the deaf have been the victims of poor education due to insufficient resources and teaching methods. However, the latest research on deaf education emphasize on the importance of conveying the proper education via Indian Sign Language. We invite papers to discuss on the latest research, practices of bilingualism and open ideas on how we can improve the education system of the deaf of all ages.
With new conventions and laws coming into play, the scenario of the youth and especially the women have drastically improved generally. Papers are invited to discuss what impact these current affairs have on the youth and the women of the deaf community, and what new developments are taking place to empower and guide them to improve their beliefs, values and attitudes.
Papers are invited to showcase other activities being carried out or other developments taking place towards the upliftment of deaf individuals and the deaf community as a whole.

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